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The Auction Process

Let's Get Started!

You've made the decision to sell items you no longer have a use for, so then what? That's where Resold Auctions can help. A simple phone call (218-585-8600) to schedule a time drop off or have us pick up, (for a small fee) sign a simple contract and your work is done and ours begins. Taking numerous photographs for every item listed, adding an accurate description.  

At ReSold we typically have an auction on-line for about two weeks prior to the closing gavel. During that time potential bidders can visit Resold to inspect any item / items they are curious about. (being mindful of our set hours of operation, anything outside those days and time are subject to appointment) This unique feature allows potential buyers to actually see and hold items before the auction ends. We designate a pick up day for your items, typically within 1-5 days after the closing date of the auction. Winning bidders come to our physical location, pick up their merchandise and deliver payment via a secured payment method. Shipping is also available at the buyers expense. After all the invoices and payments have cleared, the net payout is prepared for you. (this is generally 2- 3 weeks from the close of the auction) 

Lastly, you tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives how fabulous we are to work with and we give them the same great treatment you just received! ( We earn referrals, we don't just get them)

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